Standard Hardcopy & eBook Bundle


The bundle comes with a harcopy of my Standard Guide, as well as a digital download of the Standard eBook. I believe that having a hardcopy is far more motivating and is also much easier to use. Designed with practicality in mind, the hardcopy is the same size as an iPad, which makes it super easy to fit into a gym bag, handbag or travel bag. 


As well as the educational information and 12 weeks of workouts, this guide is full of delicious recipes / meal plans to suit a 'standard' diet. These recipes work best alongside my workouts and will satisfy all of your cravings whilst still keeping you on track. 


This Bundle Is Perfect For You If You Want To:

- Tone your body and sculpt your booty
- Burn stubborn fat
- Reduce bloating
- Flatten and define your stomach
- Improve your mood and increase your energy
- Have greater confidence and self-belief 
- Increase your overall fitness

- Learn what you should and should not be eating without restricting yourself on a 'diet'

- Begin to love living a healthy and active lifestyle
- Establish a positive mindset and overcome any obstacle
- Develop a lifelong connection and love for your overall health, fitness and wellbeing


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